I have an idea about improving xGroovy, where do I send it?
All creative ideas are appreciated. Please send us a request with subject "Feedback" using a form at “Improve XGroovy” located at the bottom of the site.
Is xGroovy FREE?
Yes, xGroovy.com is a free porn tube site.
What are Favorites?
By clicking Favorite, videos, photos, and GIFs are automatically saved in your profile area for easier access in the future.
Can I download videos from xGroovy?
No, You can't.
How can I recover my password?
You can use “Esqueceu a palavra-chave? tool” in the log in popup window.
Can I change my username?
You can change it by clicking on a Personal Info icon placed in the top right corner of your profile page and editing the display name.
I can’t find a video (picture, gif) in my favorites. Where is it?
It might have been removed by the original uploader or by a moderator due to various reasons like dmca notice, abuse, etc.
How I delete my account?
Log into your account, go to your profile page and click on a delete profile icon to file a profile removal request.
I can't see my comment to video (picture, gif, etc.) Where is it?
All comments go through a moderation process and takes some time.
How do I watch videos?
Our recommendation is to use the latest version of Google Chrome internet browser. Also, advertisement blocking browser extensions or similar software might potentially cause problems regarding video playback. You might also try clearing the cache and cookies. If this doesn’t help, please send us a report at Contact Support.
How can I watch xGroovy on mobile devices like iPhone or Android phones?
User friendly mobile version of xGroovy loads on mobile devices by default.
Movie keeps buffering and it’s problematic to watch it. What’s the problem?
There’re two possible reasons for that. Your Internet connection speed might be slow, or servers on our side are overloaded.
I can't log in. What's wrong?
There’s a possibility that your account has been deleted or disabled. Or you have disabled cookies in your browser.
Videos have no sound. What’s wrong?
Check the sound icon in video player, it might be muted. If it’s not, then send us a report with subject “No sound in video player”.
How I delete a video (gif, picture) from my favorites?
There’s a DELETE button under each video, picture or gif. Click it and it will disappear from your favourites section.
When the video (picture, gif) that I’ve uploaded become active and visible to me?
Your video needs to be converted first and then moderated, usually it takes some time.
Why was my video (photo, gif) deleted?
In case if your content violates our Terms & Conditions it will be deleted immediately. We do also delete “broken files”, files that converted with errors.
How can I delete my content?
If you’re sure, click on a DELETE button located under the file you want to delete.
How I upload photos to xGroovy?
Click on your profile icon in the up-right corner, then click on “Upload Photo” and follow the instructions.
How I delete my pictures?
Click on a DELETE button placed under the picture you’ve uploaded.
What kind of pictures can I upload to xGroovy?
Only upload photos for which you have legal rights. In some cases, we might ask you to provide additional information like documents of persons appearing in the visualizations you’ve uploaded.